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Varsity jackets have been around for over a century and remain an iconic staple of the collegiate lifestyle. Whether you’re a student, alumni, or just want to show off your team pride with some old-school style, there are a few important features you should consider before buying your own varsity jacket. In this blog post, we’ll provide an overview of varsity jackets, highlight the key features to look out for when making your purchase, provide tips on how to select the right one for your needs, and discuss the benefits of owning one. Let’s get started!

Overview Of Varsity Jackets

Varsity jackets, also known as letterman jackets, are a classic and timeless piece of clothing that have been around for centuries. Originally worn to represent exceptional athletic or academic achievement, they’ve since evolved into a fashion statement that symbolizes school pride. These stylish garments come in all shapes and sizes, with the traditional jacket being constructed out of wool felt material with leather sleeves. They contain custom embroidery on the front chest area—typically an emblem or crest—along with emblems stitched onto the arms themselves. While they can be expensive due to their quality construction and custom designs, varsity jackets make a great addition to any wardrobe as an ideal layering piece during colder weather days.

Features To Consider When Buying A Varsity Jacket

When considering the purchase of a varsity jacket, there are several features to take into consideration. First, consider the type of fabric you want for your jacket. Cotton and wool are both popular materials for varsity jackets and each has its own benefits. Cotton is usually more lightweight and breathable, while wool provides extra warmth and insulation against the cold. Additionally, make sure you look at fit, color options, budget considerations, as well as any additional features like pockets or embroidery that may further enhance your jacket selection. Lastly, research different brands to find products with high quality construction and a long-lasting design you’ll enjoy for years to come. With these features in mind when looking to buy a varsity jacket, you can be sure to make the right choice that fits your style and preferences perfectly!

Where To Buy Varsity Jackets

For anyone looking to purchase a stylish and iconic varsity jacket, there are numerous stores and online websites that offer them. Department store chains like Macy’s, Nordstrom, and Bloomingdale’s all offer the classic letterman jackets in both sporty and tailored varieties. Additionally, specialty retailers such as UNIQLO and JCPenney also have stylish options at reasonable prices. For those who are looking for more variety or something unique, online shopping sites like Amazon and Etsy allow customers to browse through dozens of different styles from various vendors worldwide. With so many places to buy varsity jackets today, it is easy to find one that fits your style perfectly!

Tips For Choosing The Right Varsity Jacket

Buying a varsity jacket is an exciting opportunity to show off your style and represent your team. To ensure you make the right decision for yourself, there are a few tips to keep in mind when selecting the perfect jacket. First, consider what type of material is best suited for your needs. If you want a more breathable and lightweight jacket, choose one made out of a cotton or wool blend. For those looking for extra durability that can withstand inclement weather, leather or synthetic alternatives are available. Additionally, inspect the style and craftsmanship of the jacket before making your purchase as higher quality materials may cost more, but will last longer than cheaper alternatives. Lastly, when picking the right size, make sure to refer to the manufacturer’s size chart and check if exchanges are allowed in case you end up with something that doesn’t fit properly. Following these simple guidelines will help make sure you get exactly what you need in terms of both fashion and function!

Benefits Of Owning A Varsity Jacket

Owning a varsity jacket is not only a fashion statement, but it also comes with many great benefits. Varsity jackets can help to boost self-confidence and provide wearers with an extra sense of pride. These jackets are excellent for showing school spirit, as they feature graphics that represent your school. They are also incredibly durable and can last for many years with proper care. Additionally, varsity jackets make great conversation starters with their unique designs and interesting stories behind them! Plus, you can customize your own varsity jacket to add more personality to it. So show off your style in a varsity jacket and reap all its amazing benefits!


In conclusion, purchasing a varsity jacket is an excellent way to show team pride and look stylish at the same time. Whether you are buying one for yourself or someone else, there are lots of choices that offer great quality, fit and design. Be sure to research different brands and styles carefully before making your purchase to ensure you get exactly what you want.

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